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Dogging In Bristol Woods Meeting Horny Crossdresser Summer Dress & White Thong

I’ve just moved to Bristol with work, I’ve been dressing for some years now and love meeting males for SEX… but also meeting at Dogging sites as I do love to get out dressed as I have a passable look, you tell me I’ve posted new photos.


I had been a member before but due to work and life wasn’t meeting many, so I reposted my advert and started checking members out and soon got back into meeting up with others, mostly guys.


It was one summers day when both the guys I was seeing, our fucking me were working so looked online and started reading about this couple that had gone dogging in Leigh Woods that’s close so thought I would try my luck.


They posted up a location that apparently some local members have been using so putting on a little summer dress got myself ready and headed out to see if I could get some male attention.


I parked up and getting a large blanket soon found the place they were talking about and putting the blanket down close to a tree sat back on the floor with my back to the tree and getting a drink out and book raised my legs up showing my tiny thong and bulging cock that was loving feeling the air blowing against it, making me even more horny.


A few guys walked past and gave me a look, one came quite close and on the pretense of shorting his shoes looked right up my dress seeing my cock and moved on. Then this young guy came along and walked past then returned. He came close to me so opening my legs got a clear flash of my panties and cock.


I was still reading the book and pretended I didn’t notice him as I moved with one hand down between my legs and up onto my panties and adjusted myself, all the time watching him as he was looking.

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Dogging Crossdresser FUCKED Outside

He moved closer and now looking at him I smiled pulling my dress right up showing my cock poking over my tong. He moved onto the blanket and placed his hands onto my tight but quickly moved onto my cock and started to tease me with his fingers.


He moved his head closer and with a quick look around lowered his head down and between my legs and placed his lips around my cock and started to suck me. He was clearly very experienced as he knew just how to suck my cock going deep and teasing me with his thong.


He moved his hand down and getting his cock out was wanking himself at the same time, but I had better ideas for that hard cock and wanted to feel him inside me. Moving my hands down I pushed him back and turning over onto doggy I pulled my dress up showing my pussy and hoped his would respond.


Looking around once more he moved up behind me and placing his tip onto my pussy I pushed back against him as he easily slipped deep inside going all the way into me making us both groan in pleasure.


He slowly started to move inside me letting me adjust to his cock and built up pace fucking harder and faster. He moved his hands under me and started to wank me at the same time of fucking and being so worked up I quickly came squirting my cum all over his hand.


We removed his hand and was licking my cum from his fingers and pushing deep into me getting faster and hard and knew soon I would be rewarded with him cuming inside me. He pulled away from me and whilst still on my knees I turned around and taking his cock inside my mouth I started sucking & licking our juices and tasting his sweet cum mixed with my own.


That was not the last time we fucked, although next time was round my place and we both ended up enjoying a mouthful of cum..

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