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Stockings, White Panties & Hard Cock Dogging Crossdresser

Sucking a Crossdresser Wearing Nothing More Than Stockings And White Panties...

Crossdresser dogging whilst wearing stocking heels and very little else…

I joined this site because I have a huge passion for sex outdoors and whilst I was enjoying this way before the crossdresser dogging scene or any type of dogging scene it was starting to get harder to meet contacts due to many places being too well known.

After posting my profile which was pretty direct LOL…

“Hi I would never class myself as a transvestite as I don’t fully dress, but I do love wearing stockings, heels and white panties and then meeting admirers of oral only sex in public places”

I soon started to get some messages, which BTW if you are reading my blog posting, please message me as you can never have too many contacts.

It wasn’t long before I was setting meets up. I was talking to this guy that sounded nice, and he told me about this carpark he new about on an old industrial estate that at night was totally dead and wasn’t used by other people as a dogging location.

A time was set and getting ready I shaved my legs ( you’ll never see me with hairy legs in stockings NO ) pulled on new white panties I had just ordered and slipped into my black hold ups. I was already hard and my cock was pressing hard against the panties but I did my best to not stroke my cock as this always makes me cum.

Going downstairs I put my long coat and shoes on and headed out. I was lucky that my garage was built in the house was so always able to slip out with little on and no one notice me

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Pulled my white panties to one side and sucked my cock .

Getting to the carpark he was right about it being dark and no one around. Not a soul and at first not even Paul, the guy I was supposed to be meeting. Parking up where he told me I waited with lights out and it really was spooky just sitting there.

Then a car pulled in and driving up to mine knew it was Paul, he got out and I opened my coat a little and getting into the car looked straight away at my legs and opening my coat showed him my smooth legs and white panties. He reached out and started to rub my cock through my knickers. This got me extremely hard and wanting his mouth around my cock.

Pulling my knickers down he moved his head over and took me down in one. FUCK he knew how to please me and was sucking cock like a pro. He was going faster and deeper and I warned him if he carried on would take my load. This didn’t stop him!

Sucking, licking, wanking and going deep was all this poor xdresser could cope with and I shot all my load deep down his throat and he shallowed every drop. Licking the end of my cock he cleaned every drop from my cock.

Sitting up he said he needed to go as he was supposed to be somewhere, but next time we meet I can have the same pleasure. Getting out he drove away a short while later I followed and got home.

After a shower I logged onto the site and sent him a message and said next time we need more time. He replied with a big YES

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