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I’m one of few that has a very understanding girlfriend called Debbie and we’ve been dating for 6 months now. We didn’t meet via a personals site and as my dressing is a very important part of my life I wanted to tell her soon into dating, and it didn’t worry her, in fact turned her on knowing that I liked to wear sexy lingerie.


We live close to the New Forest in Southampton and sometimes head out, but I really didn’t expect the evening to turn out the way it did and looking forward to more trips out. This is a true story, so if you want to meet me message.


It was a warm summer’s night and we had already had a couple glasses of wine and Debbie suggested I went upstairs and get the new lingerie I had ordered. It was black, as always! very sexy fishnet stockings, suspenders, black lacy panties and a black matching basque.


When I came downstairs she was standing in the kitchen and gave me one look and said ”that will do baby, let’s go out a drive in the car” and with that put my long coat on and we headed out to the car and drove towards the New Forest.


Debbie knew just where we are going and parked up near a local wood that was quiet, and she ordered me to get out and head off into the woods and we found an open area in the trees where a large fallen tree was resting and told to lay on it without my coat.


Dropping it to the floor I was walking around in just my lingerie and I was getting so turned on my cock was hard and pushing against the panties. Laying down onto the tree she told me to rub my cock through the knickers and close my eyes.

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One VERY Luck Hampshire Dogging Crossdressers Getting USE in forest  …..

My cock by now was rock hard and was so desperate to pull it from my panties but I wanted to follow Debbies orders, it was then she placed a blindfold over my eyes “just so you can’t cheat and look out” I really didn’t know what she had planned or where this was going, but the next thing I felt has a hand stroking my hard cock through my panties, and it wasn’t hers!


The next order sent waves of shock through me not knowing “open your mouth” and with this felt a cock against my face cheeks and then move towards my open mouth and pushed all the way in making me gag a little at first but then once used to it was told to suck it until he cums.


I knew Debbie was videoing me with her phone and I could just image how horny it would have looked with me laying on a tree with my sexy lingerie and nothing else and a guy standing over me pushing his cock into my mouth, he reached down and started wanking me off and taking a strangers cock in my mouth it didn’t take long before I came.


He started to fuck my mouth harder when Debbie ordered him “fill his mouth with your cum” and shortly later pumped his sweet salty cum into my mouth and I swallowed every load back. Pulling back I heard him zip up and walk away and a few seconds later Debbie walked up to me and opened her legs around my face “now finish me off”


Needless to say, we returned to that tree a few times and I later found out that Debbie had pre-arranged to meet this guy via a Dogging site…and yes I’m a lucky guy

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