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How to successfully crossdress

Whilst a lot of girlz on contacts sites are happy to stick on a pair of frilly knickers, suspenders and stockings and “feel feminine” to get their rocks off but for many crossdressers they want to be “convincingly dressed” whether they want to be taken as a women or they just want to be a glam tgirl on a night out. This is where our guide to crossdressing may help if you are unsure where to start:


If you are a stocky guy then you are going to have a hard time trying to emulate a thin waif-like female persona and part of being convincing is knowing how to dress for your body shape (although many many women don’t get this right either) and making the most of your best assets.


Altered images
Of course you can alter your shape to a certain degree (without surgery) by using shaping underwear and padding – just bear in mind that these aren’t the prettiest of under-garments and if you plan on getting undressed in front of anyone you may not look your sexiest! That said if you do want to make yourself more of a feminine shape the best places to start are with the bust, bum & hips as these are the most recognisable parts of the body that give a defined female shape.


Go for bust
So starting at the top, decide how big a bust you want – and this will possibly either dictate the type of clothes you can then wear, or vice versa. If you are just starting out then get a good fitting bra and choose your stuffing, which can be as simple as tissues, socks or maybe a bag filled with rice for substance, or for a more ‘natural’ look/feel invest in some breast forms which are silicone gel bags that fit into the bra cup. If you want to look as natural as possible then don’t over exaggerate this area, go for a size that suits your body shape otherwise you won’t feel comfortable.

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Getting to the bottom of things

Padding out your butt and even hips can be a little trickier but you can buy padded pants/shorts to help with this and under dresses/skirts or jeans they can really help to emphasise your shape which can help greatly with your confidence and that can make you feel even sexier!


Legs that go on forever
One of the things that leads many men to crossdress is tights or stockings and for most crossdressers they will need to wear them even if they shave completely. Tights can be helpful in keeping everything tucked in and shaped nicely, although for a sexier look stockings & suspenders can be the order of the day.


Nip Tuck
Curves aren’t something that many blokes have naturally, in the right places at least, so if you want to get a curvaceous figure, particularly if you are aiming for the sexy hourglass look, then you may think about underwear to cinch in the waist, pulling in the area above the hips and flattening the tummy. Obviously corsets are designed for this as they can be tightened and with the boning they are very good at structuring the body – but they can be uncomfortable. If you want more of a gentle approach then there is some very good shapewear available from most high street stores.


No unsightly bulges please
There’s no delicate way to put this, but you need to hide your manhood! Whilst you can buy underwear specifically to do this it can be expensive and some say unnecessary as you just need to practice tucking and fastening in a way that suits you personally. [Read “Tuck & Tape” article here]


Lipstick, Powder & Paint
Unless you are naturally a very pretty boy then you will most certainly need to use make-up to not only make you look more feminine but to transform your masculine features to softer ones. Now this is where you will need to seriously practice, practice, practice! Obviously you will need to have a very close shave before you apply foundation to give an even skin tone, then concealer to hide blemishes, highlighters to give the illusion of softer lines, blusher to define cheekbones, eyeliner & mascara to give definition to the eyes and then the pretty bits of colour in the form of eyeshadow and lipstick.


Dress to impress
As we aren’t particulalry talking about dressing just for sexual activity here, then you need to find a style that suits your body shape and appropriate for where you are going to be or what you are going to be doing. Once you have decided on a bust size you can then work out your women’s clothing size and shop accordingly, maybe find pictures of a woman who fits your body shape and try to emulate her style for your own.


Hair today…
Unless you are in a position to grow your own hair, it is unlikely that your own will look very feminine, and although many women do now have short hair it is still unlikely that yours will look the part. There are many stores now that offer good quality and affordable wigs whether it is physical shops or online stores. Think about the shape of your face and what style will suit you – it is amazing how the style of a ‘cut’ can change the appearance of your facial features and help to soften a masculine face.


Lights, Camera, Action
Don’t forget that it isn’t just clothes & makeup that make a woman feminine, you will need to adopt a persona, learn to walk right, have a female attitude and confidence in yourself as your female character!