Crossdressers using tucking & taping to make a more convincing look

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Crossdressing Advice On Looking Feminine

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Crossdressers using tucking & taping to make a more convincing look

Obviously this is for the more serious crossdresser who is going for convincing over a sexual high in panties/tights as it can take a lot of practice and you certainly don’t want to be at all excited when you are in the act of tucking and taping!!


To tuck or not to tuck..


How well tucked away you are can depend on the activity you’ll be doing and to a large part what clothes you are going to be wearing, loose fitting clothes will obviously give you room to breathe so to speak and you may well get away with just wearing some tight fitting knickers or some control top tights to keep things from swinging loose, but if you want to wear something tighter fitting or jeans then you will have to ditch the bulge and go for the tuck! You can wear a pair of gaffs which are thong like but specifically designed for crossdressers to hold your family jewels under and out of sight for the most part.


Prep and practice.


It is better to be hair-free whether you use tape or not to fix you in place, there is nothing worse than pulling and pushing around down there when you have pubic hair to contend with as well. Make sure you use a good/new razor so that you shave rather than pull and use a sensitive shaving foam or gel so that you get a clean and close shave all around the testicles and pubic area. Once you are smooth and hairless you can next decide on whether you just need to tuck and hold or if you need tape to make you secure and practice, practice, practice before you ‘need’ to go out so that you know what works for you and is going to be comfortable…

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Be The BEST.... Be the ONLY one to KNOW

Say goodbye to the boys

There is a little cavity called the inguinal canal where the testes can hide! Naturally they will do this to some extent when you are cold and they ‘shrink’ so many girlz find that having a cold soak will help start the process and then you can use your hands and fingers to pop them right in before placing the penis ready for taping. Some say it is easier to lie on their back to get them in place, whilst others find that sitting on the toilet is the best position. Some can never get the hang of this or say it is just impossibly uncomfortable.


Genital Origami


One you have tucked the balls away you then you have a couple of options, firstly you can fold up the empty scrotum and tape it up to stop the balls dropping or you can wrap it around the penis and tape it in place there. Obviously medical tape is your best option, although it has been known for duct tape to be used though the first option is slightly easier to remove! Then take your penis and tuck it between your legs pointing towards your arse and use tape to secure it in place. Obviously tape isn’t infallible so a tight fitting pair of panties, shapewear with lycra or a pair of gaffs will ensure you stay safely in place.

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