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Question is there ANYTHING better than Spanking a Crossdresser NOPE and this male Spanker LOVES IT....Do you?

Why is Spanking just so popular, it was a recent question posted up within the BDSM message board in the members section and 75% of the crossdressers responded saying the love the control the admirer has over them and the burn of a hand or slipper spanking their bottom. For males, it’s all about the submission.


It’s really whether you want to be spanked OTK (Over the knee) or bed. Clearly the bed will offer more power to the admirer to really slap down hard against a squirming Crossdresser but personally for this admirer I love having a crossdresser bending of my knees in readiness for her punishment.


Whether you are a submissive Crossdresser seeking dominant admirers that will spank you, either meeting with dominant CDs, males, females or even cuckold couples then we can help you meet up with UK CDs.


Its without a doubt that the role playing scene within Crossdressers plays a very percentage of our members with Crossdressers and admirers seeking all types of spanking role playing meets. Clearly a popular one being the submissive Crossdressing maid. And is anything better than having a maid bent of your knee with white panties on waiting for her punishment.


To give you a little inside into members I’ve posted some examples below of the types of sub CDs seeking Spanking contacts. As a member you’ll be able to search and view personals posted up and to give you some idea I’ve place a direct link into all members above. But this will show ALL, members can filter for Spanking Personals    


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