Bras - Measuring Up! for that prefect Crossdresser look

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Don't feel bad if you now realise that you have been wearing the wrong size of bra

Up to 80% of natural women at any given time are also wearing the wrong size! This can be due to just not buying new bras when weight is gained or lost or simply not being measured properly and therefore not knowing the correct bra size to buy.


A badly fitting bra can be uncomfortable but can also look unsightly, causing lumps and bumps under your clothes that shouldn’t be there! Obviously for a crossdresser the bra’s main function is to help create the illusion of breasts rather than actually hold real ones in place so you need it to lie correctly so that you are comfortable wearing it and you create the right silhouette under your clothes.

How to measure yourself:

  1. Use a soft material type tape measure
  2. Stand in front of a mirror so you can see yourself properly
  3. Place the tape measure around your body, approximately 2 inches below your nipple
  4. Join the tape so it is snug but not tight and ensure it is flat against your back
  5. Read the measurement rounding to the nearest whole inch
  6. To get your band size take your measurement and if it is an even number add 4, if an odd number add 5 to get the band size for your bra

Cups :

Now you have your band size you will need to decide on how big your ‘breasts’ are going to be and this is the cup size – the letter part of the sizing – which obviously for a natural woman would be what she naturally has but for you it can in theory be whatever you want it to be! To look natural:

  • Choose a B or C cup if you have a small frame
  • Choose a C or D cup if you have a medium frame
  • Choose a D cup or larger if you have a large frame

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Feel every bit the women you want to ...just make sure it fits right

Your other important consideration is what are you going to fill your cups with! If you are stuffing with socks, tissues etc then you are probably better off opting to go smaller so that the stuffing is less noticible but if you are going with breasforms then you can go larger as the form will be firmer and more natural looking.


Now even when you take your measurements and you work out your bra size you will find that bras do vary in any given size, different brands/manufacturers will have slight differences and different styles will fit slightly differently. It is always worthwhile traying on different sizes to see what fits best for you.

Your new bra should:

  • feel snug but not tight
  • be done up on the middle row of hooks on the back fastening
  • not dig into your shoulders
  • not raise up at the back but sit at the same level around you
  • position your ‘breasts’ halfway between your elbow and your shoulder for a natural look

Bear in mind that if you change the bra back size the cup size changes in the opposite direction – so for example if you are measured as a 38C but the back is too tight/small in that particular style then you would need to try a size 40B to keep the cup size the same but give you a larger back band.