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Struggling to Meet Irish Crossdressers? I can understand its not one of the most open societies either Northern or Southern Ireland 

It wasn’t until recently that being gay or a Irish crossdresser would have probably got you into pretty serious local trouble and whilst its more accepted these days its still a very closeted activity and one things for certain you’ll NEVER find an Irish Tranny club….if I’ve got that wrong please message me, and you’ll knock me off my chair ;o).


In the past for many Irish crossdressing males it was a case of jumping onto the ferry and heading to Liverpool, Manchester or one of the many other large popular crossdressing & transvestite cities for some party fun, but thats all changed now as not only can you meet local Irish CDs you can get involved with your own private little club right within the members section

Join and meet local contacts RIGHT across Ireland from all types of admirers & CD/TV & Transsexuals ...and whats better it free

Whether your a struggling newbie Crossdresser, experienced dresser that thinks nothing about getting out and about and an admirer/s here at UK Crossdressing Contacts we can help with a VAST selection of features and services all to help you meet local contacts right across Ireland ( Inc Northern Ireland).


Below is direct access to local personals from both counties along with examples personals, but you’ll see more when you use the free links to either country

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  • Bi N.I Crossdresser More

    I've been a closet xdresser for many years but its always been a solo thing and I've never been involved with meeting others, but its come to time where I'm wondering what it would be like to have sex with another crossdresser. I'm not sure how far I want to take things so you will need to be understanding and not pushy . I'm single so can accommodate but only looking to meet other crossdressers. Please message me and lets arrange to meet and chat in the chatroom and hopefully we can arrange to meet up in real. Please non pushy only I'm very nervous as this is my first time

  • Dogging in Ireland? More

    I've come here as I've not been very successful arranging local dogging meets. I know a few locations that I've been during the daytime but at night they are dead. I know a few places we can meet up that are very private and if you could message me we could arrange to meet up. I've been dressing a while but I do have a passion for sex in public places but it seems either the police have closed them down or guys have just stopped using them. I do dress fully and would say I'm dark passable. Would love to get fucked over my car bonnet and often fantasise about a threesome dogging meet, any offers?

  • Mature Tranny Ireland More

    Tall, shaved, sexy crossdresser thats after building friendships for fun with couples and female. I'm not looking to meet other CDs or males. I would love to build a long-term relationship with a female that enjoys the company of crossdressers but I think females like that are far and few between. I've always wanted to try a threesome with a couple and dream of going down on a women whilst having a guy fucking me from behind, then swapping roles. I do dress fully but have never been outside as this is something that doesn't really interest me. I've posted some photos so check those out and get back to me. I will only respond to ads with photos so only contact me if I can see you

  • Ireland discreet meets More

    I am married bisexual crossdresser thats after some fun meeting with all members. As I'm married and not out I do have to be very discreet but have the advantage that my wife works shifts and offers me some freedom to dress and night and meet others online or hopefully in person, I do use the the chatroom here often so if you see me online please say hi even if your not local as I do love to chat online and sometimes meet in the webcam. I'm not just online to cyber meets as I do want to meet members in person but I can't accommodate but would be happy to share hotel costs if you were in a similar situation. I dress fully using make up but I'm not smooth but will trimmed,

  • Ireland Trans Women more

    I am a Trans girl and I've been dressing for years, in fact stopped counting. I am here to chat with and hopefully meet people like me as I'm not looking to meet admirers right now. When dressed it now feels so normal and I have a huge collection from normal day outfits to fun party / going out outfits and do love wearing a variety of clothes although if wearing my burlesque stuff it tends to be just at home only I'm not that brave. I really love my slutty sexy attire and tend to get very naughty along with the outfits. Right now I'm wearing a long wig, I have short, blond, dark in fact have spent way too much over the years, but I do love the different looks you can get when swapping wigs over. I'm about 5'8 in and a lot tailer when in my killer heels, I'm always smooth all over !! I'm looking for other people like me that have a passion to transforming themselves and getting out or just meeting for a drink .

  • Irish Pantyhose sex more

    I would never class myself as a crossdresser but I love wearing tights for sex. I'm single so meeting up at mine is cool. I'm looking to find other guys that enjoy all types of sex whilst wearing tights including oral, anal, watersports and cum play. I do prefer bareback meets as I love being filled with cum then feeling it trickle out onto my tights, but I do also understand not everyone likes bare sex, if so you can use a rubber. Message me and lets meet. Update I'm going to be working for 2 months in London so if fancy meeting with a Irish guy message me

  • NSA sex more

    Only just joined and after some NSA sex. I need to update with more info and some photos but just wanted to get a profile up so that hopefully some guys will see it whilst I'm working out what to say. Men only pls.

  • Young Irish TV more

    I've been dressing since a teen, although then it was a case of getting my sisters knickers out of the wash and wearing them, it wasn't a sexual thing as I never had any interest in shagging my sister, I just loved wearing her panties. When I started working and earning some cash I started buying a few bits but living at home and knowing my family would have gone mad I never developed my fem side further. I'm now living in my first flat and loving the freedom I have to buy outfits and dress even if I'm still very much on a learning curve and trying to work out what looks right. I'm not looking to admirers right now but other local crossdressers for dressing meets at mine ( never dreamed I would be able to say that). I am bi so its not just about dressing and love O & A so long as its safe