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Before you ask NO it Wasn't a Essex Crossdresser Meetup / Hookup joint! Just a pub and in walks this hot Essex Crossdresser!

It was surprisingly hot day in Essex, least looking back over the summer days we had before so I decided to head into my local on the way home for a cold beer. Walking into the bar it was quite which did surprise me and the barman asked what I wanted so got a large larger and taking the glass to a corner table sat back and was quietly sipping on my beer.  


I was just about to leave when a very sexy woman walked into the bar that was clearly dressed to get attention with high heels , short tight dress , and looked pretty hot with a slim nice figure. She got a drink and sat near me and caught a quick flash at each other so returned a smile, she had such an amazing look almost like not a thing out of place but was wondering that something not quite right, she was beautiful, sexy but I couldn’t nail it.


Her look was really bugging me and knew I wanted to know more, so stayed for another and heading to bar passed her and offered to buy a drink , to my surprise she said yes and glass for a glass of wine. I ordered our drinks and returned putting hers down and asked if I could join as we both seemed alone.  


We started chatting and things were going fine, so thought I’d risk and asked if she was local which turned out to be a short bus trip , but as I had my car I offered a lift home. Once we got to hers she offered to come in for a coffee,  hoping that coffee meant a lot more. Once inside she went into the kitchen so I followed her , I moved closer towards her and I put my arms around her kissing her and she responded willingly.  


She move her arms around me, and pulling my shirt up slipped her hands under and rubbing her fingers over my back as she kissed me. Moving tighter against me she pressed her groin against me and moving my hand under her top I slipped my hands inside feeling her smooth soft skin. Finding her bra I removed it and moved my hand around to tease her firm small boobs. Moving my head down I kissed and licked them running which soon had her nipples hard n erect. 


Moving my hand down I slipped it under dress running my hand up her smooth legs, when I found her panties moving my hand over I could feel a very familiar lump and to my surprised her cock. Looking at her “so you are a crossdresser”, smiling “she responded is that a problem”. Normally I run like hell but my curiosity got the better of me mostly because she was so horny.  

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Fucking A Crossdresser, then my turn to get FUCKED

I moved back to kiss her (or was it it now HIM! ) and with her hands she pushed them down and undid my trousers and moved her hand into shorts teasing and playing with my cock. Getting to her knees she started to lick my cock and knew just how to please, running her tongue over my cock and sucking balls.


Moving my hand onto her panties I started to tease & play with her cock, she was pretty well hung and it was clear the way she was playing harder with me that she liked it and with her still sucking cock & playing with my balls she was FUCKING good!. Standing up she took my hand and moved to bedroom and were both quickly stripped naked on her bed. Moving my head towards her cock I sucked licked rubbed her cock not even thinking I was sucking another guy off as she was so feminine.


We were both sucking, licking and having never done this before I was loving it. But I wanted to FUCK her “ I really want to fuck you” I said and reaching to the bedside drawer pulled out a condom and slipping onto my cock and putting a little lube onto my cock she turned over onto, “fuck me then”. I rubber some lube around her anus so she told me and slowly slid my cock I to her tight ass.  


It felt so much different to fucking a women, must tighter and I was more at the right height to start fucking her HARD, and it wasn’t long before I let her have it all with my groin slimming into her ass as I held her hips , and started pounding her ass. I knew I wasn’t going to last long as this was more excitement than I could handle and withdrew, removed the condom and with her turning around she swallowed my cock in her mouth as I came hard insider her mouth taking my hot sticky cum.  


She lapped up every drop, swallowing it and with that asked if I wanted to try !! I was a taken back at fist as I never had even a finger up my ass, but as Id just fucked her thought sod it and moving onto my hands & knees I got myself ready. With fingers teasing she lubed my ass and felt her finger inside my ass hole working it around and loved the feeling. Then moving up behind me I felt her hard cock against my ass.  


I was not sure if I was enjoying it or not but once she started fucking me I began to rally love feeling her sliding into me and slapping against ass. I was rubbing her balls with my hand and clearly loved and it wasn’t long before she pulled her cock from my ass and shot her load over my ass .


It was my first and the not the last time we meet..