Is There A Difference Between Sissy And Crossdresser?

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OK, so whats difference between a sissy and a crossdresser, aren't they the same? NOPE

As an admirer of crossdressers for some years and have been lucky to have just a few crossdressing gurlfriends at times mostly via adult personals sites I found myself looking at personals posted by sissies.


What it be correct to call a Crossdresser a Sissy, no I don’t think so as these are two completely different types of contacts, it would be like comparing a crossdresser with a pre op transgender, one does it for sexual excitement, the other is in all expects is a female, without taking that one last step forward.


A crossdresser is typically a male that enjoys wearing female outfits so that her can express the feminine side of his life more often than not just wearing female clothing for the sexual thrill, although some crossdressers do take it further by going out  and taking on the role of a female.

Not All Crossdressers Are Sissies...In fact many aren't - View profiles below

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A sissy on the other hand, is typically a crossdresser but takes on a much more submissive role and being hyper feminine wearing very feminine outfits that portray him as a weak female.


The outfits worm by sissies are far more sexually provocative and, in most cases, wish to be viewed and used as a sexual object by males and females the sissy meets with.


Do sissy males meet with other sissies? Mostly not and many other personals I’ve seen they are seeking dominant males and females as a sissy interest is to be dominated by either sex involving role playing sex games being forced to act as the sissy slut and so dressing like one.


The cuckold scene is often one associated with sissy contacts, where a dominant wife will play role playing games with her weaker submissive sissy husband. These games can and often involve chastity devices to ensure sissy cuckolds are not allowed to get excited and then dominant wives will sometimes take lovers with the full knowledge of the sissy husband, and often will involve the sissy in some way.


The Crossdressing and sissy world are miles apart from each other, but often do get mixed up all within the “Crossdressing” genre, mostly because sissy males dress as very submissive females, hence crossdressers, but sissy is just a VERY submissive feminine crossdresser ..

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