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It doesn't get any better than taking your Crossdresser to a Derby Dogging site

For some years I’ve been dating Crossdressers and I live on the outskirts of Derby and at weekends my partner stays with me. Her name is Sally and she always dresses to impress normally bringing something new along one month and this Friday night was no different, but it ended up being a VERY different night for us both.


Sally got to mine around 5 although turned up dressed in her day-to-day male clothes but after a few drinks and a shower when upstairs to get a shower and get changed. When returning she had on stockings, summer skirt and opening the buttons showed of matching lingerie.


Whilst I knew she would never go out during the day to me she was totally passible, and as it was getting dark, I suggested we head out to a private Derbyshire wood and have some fun taking photos. Sally wasn’t sure at first but, put her long coat on and we headed out.


Parking up Sally got out with her long coat on and walking into the forest, she slowly let it open and when she was sure no one around gave it to me and walked down the path with her short summer skirt and looked amazing. I was taking photos as she was walking but wanted something a bit riskier saw headed towards a fallen tree I could see in an opening.


We headed towards it, and I told Sally to lie across it. I could see she was really turned on as her summer skirt now had a massive bulge where her cock was pushing against her knickers. I then got out of my bag a blindfolder and told her to put it on.


I started taking photos and told Sally to put her hand between her legs and pull the skirt up. I could now see her stocking tops and was moving to get different photos when I heard someone behind me. Looking around I saw this guy standing there with his cock out wanking.

Derbyshire Crossdressers Fucked Outdoors

I waved him forward and indicated for him to go out to Sally. By now she had he cock out on display and was wanking off. The guy walked over and getting onto his knees kissed the end of Sally cock which made her jump. She didn’t say anything, but it was only when I told her not to take the blindfold off that she knew I wasn’t the one kissing her cock.


The guy was wanking himself and returning to Sallys cock I could see pre cum dripping from her that he quickly licked up before taking all her cock with ease, clearly a very experienced at sucking cock! Sally quickly started to fuck his mouth and being outside knew she was very excited and near to cumming.


It didn’t take her long before she was cumming in his mouth and after swallowing every drop he moved up and started to fuck Sally with his cock, and he was only inside her mouth for a few seconds before he came inside, and she swallowed every drop.


I was videoing all his and needed some attention myself and the guy zipped up smiled at me and walked away and I returned to Sally pulled her onto her feet and placing hands onto a tree pulled her panties down and fucked her pussy till I came inside her.


Heading home it was only a few days later we found out it was a popular Derby Dogging location, and we will be returning for more fun!

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