Are all Crossdressers a bottom. I only like Meeting Top Crossdressers

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Crossdressers That Like To Fuck Males & CDs

Do Crossdressers like fucking men? YES thankfully, I love being fucked by Crossdresser

I do find the forums section a wealth of information and totally fascinating reading the views of passive, active and crossdressers that are totally versatile and depending on who they are meeting are happy to take either role.


As a male admire my sexual role when meeting crossdressers has always been a passive one as I love nothing more than feeling a crossdresser fucking me.


It does seem for most crossdressers they prefer to take a feminine role on and seeking out tops, but this role can often switch if meeting with another crossdressers, but seldom if meeting a male.

Most Crossdressers are passive ? How hard to meet active Crossdressers?

For the vast number of crossdressers, it about taking a passive role and being dressed as a women and often feminine the only one they are interested in.


But that doesn’t mean as a passive male you will not find crossdressers that like to fuck males, in fact I would say it’s the vast bulk of CDs are passive and will NEVER fuck a male, then its 25% each way with those crossdressers happy to fuck another CD and the other 25% that are only seeking passive males

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Meet Crossdresser and get FUCKED

For a male to meet with an active crossdresser has always been a challenge mostly because Crossdressers want to be treated as the women in the bedroom…So what do you start?


First you need to join us. If you use the FREE link above, you can have access to ALL members. Whilst this offers you an insight into our members and what they are seeking, it probably will take you a little while before you find a profile from an active Crossdresser want passive males


By posting your profile Cds will be able to search and find your profile along with you searching out active Cds. 


Some tips on meeting crossdressers that want to fuck passive males 

  • In your profile description put you are passive
  • Make sure in the personals details you put seeking active crossdresser
  • use the forums section and post what you seeking
  • Check out the chatroom 
  • search for dominant CDs often they are seeking  males to fuck  

Advice 101 – If you are serous about meeting active crossdressers you need to upload photos to your personals advert. Often members will view personals with no photos as not being serious about meets.