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Hookups with Convincing Crossdressing Contacts

Dating a Convincing Crossdresser just got a whole lot easier for us guys that love sexy convincing crossdressing contacts

Dating a Convincing Crossdresser just got a whole lot easier for us guys that love nothing more than enjoying the company of a sexy convincing crossdressing woman, if you have struggled before to meet these VERY convincing crossdressers you won’t be anymore.


The internet has made it possible to meet up and date all types of crossdressing contacts from those that just like to slip into some pantyhose to others that would never be seen without nails panted and a drop-dead sexy outfit.


I’ve loved the company of Crossdressers put that extra bit more into their look, mostly because I enjoy the social side and getting out and having some fun, dancing, movies, maybe a nice romantic meal or just heading out for romantic walk and seeing if we can get up to some naughty fun without getting caught.


Meeting up with Crossdresser in the past was down to personals mags, and whilst there were a few dedicated crossdresser personals mags for “out” crossdressers I never liked them. The online scene flipped all that on its head and give Convincing Crossdressers and admirers a portal to meet up and have FUN

How To Date Convincing Crossdresser

Yes the BIG “How To Question” and if you look on some of these question sites like “Quora” its easy you just walk into any LGBTQi club and start chatting up convincing crossdressers…Mmmmm yeah right like that’s going to happen.


First many convincing crossdressers are non-scene and don’t really enjoy gay bays and prefer straight clubs / venues.


Second if you were in a LGBTQ club to meet a convincing crossdresser how would you know you weren’t eyeing up a RW or lesbian! And trust me that’s a mistake you really don’t want to make.! I prefer the third option of getting online and checking personals out and sending messages

Dating Convincing Crossdressers Near To YOU ..

Getting online and dating convincing crossdressers, easy, join a contacts site, post personals advert of my huge cock, then send a message asking if they want to suck it and let me fuck them ….WRONG! that may have worked on old personals mags but not online  


The online scene whilst it’s given easy access to thousands of personals right across the UK & Europe it does also mean that convincing crossdressing personals and their admirers can be a little fussier about their dates, assuming there are just not here just for SEX and don’t give a fuck what they suck or fuck.  


But my experience has also been if you are looking at dating convincing crossdresser then they will be looking for a bit more than a cock photo and an offer to suck it! That doesn’t mean to say members aren’t still looking for NSA sex, its just they will need a flirting before hand.  


When posting your own personals advert make sure you upload a face photo, other parts of the body could be a bonus but at least one showing your face. Next if your preference is to get out and have some fun post this within your personals and straight away members will know what type of a meet you are seeking.


Sure you can post up that you want NSA fun, or that you are seeking maybe a long term lover but let members know that your interests are dating convincing crossdressers that dress fully and want to date males.  

This will get the right type of messages from members and soon get you dating convincing crossdressers and having some FUN